ARIANA'S most recent editing assignment at THE NEW YORK TIMES was to cover Art, Television, and both The Book Review & Sunday Book Review globally where she assigned PHILIP ROTH'S last sitting, negotiated a private look in Jasper John’s studio, & produced the package covering the METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, ‘HEAVENLY BODIES’.

Before the Culture desk, she spent several years editing visuals internationally for the Sunday & Monday Business sections, along with all daily Technology and Media stories. 


During this time she worked with several teams across the newsroom to create visually driven audio pieces on GOOGLE, the housing crisis in Silicon Valley, assigned and produced

A1 BREAKING NEWS pieces about inhumane worker abuse in India, negotiated photoshoots with SHARI REDSTONE and worked on a project exposing APPLE'S hidden tax loophole in China.  

Prior to this, she edited on contract for Matter Magazine at MEDIUM.COM, procured the cover for the annual Sex Issue at NEW YORK Magazine, and edited the Week in Political photography for, along with many other exciting projects.

Painter and Model, Darryl Westly

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